Curriculum and Instruction


In The Classroom

In the classroom, the Boerne ISD G/T Program is Cluster Grouping. This means that the G/T students are grouped together in a trained G/T Teacher's classroom for instruction. These classes are filled with additional students who may also benefit from G/T curriculum and instruction.

Teachers in Boerne ISD are required to differentiate the regular classroom curriculum according to needs of their G/T students. In their training, teachers learn a variety of strategies that help them accomplish this. For example, teachers may design a tiered assignment where students complete different activities designed to challenge different levels of students. Those for the gifted students focus on higher levels of thinking and problem solving.

Sharing of Student Learning:
Boerne ISD requires teachers to share with parents the ways they differentiate for the needs of their gifted students. This should be a topic of discussion in parent conferences and may also be discussed in other forms of communication with parents as well. Please communicate regularly with your regular education teacher.

In the Challenge Lab

The Challenge Lab provides an additional tier of service to identified elementary Gifted and Talented and Talent Pool children. Students go to the Challenge Lab for 90-120 minutes per week to receive curriculum and instruction designed to provide additional challenge and opportunity to pursue topics of interest.

Challenge Lab instruction is based on the Texas Performance Standards Project (State G/T) curriculum and the Envision Program curriculum, which is a real-world, project-based independent study program specifically designed for gifted and talented students. These programs allow students to dig deeper into examples of real-life learning.

Activities in the Challenge Lab are designed to cause students to think in more in-depth and complex ways. We use Sandra Kaplan's model of Depth and Complexity and her icons for each element to engage students in assimilating new information, making connections, and digging deeper for understandings.

The focus of instruction in K-2 is on helping students acquire and build independent study and research skills. At grades 3-6, students engage in project-based learning where they research and explore real-world problems and challenges. It is our hope that students involved in the Challenge Lab leave with a better understanding of the research process.

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