GT Program Overview

GT Program Overview

Boerne ISD

Gifted and Talented Program Overview



The G/T Program serves students who are academically gifted in two strand areas: Language Arts/Social Studies and Math/Science. Students may be nominated for screening by school staff, parents, or community members. Identification criteria consist of five objective and subjective measures, including test scores, student product ratings, and teacher ratings. Students must receive qualifying scores on three of the five measures in a strand area to be identified as gifted.

Kindergarten students are identified and served by March 1 of each year (by state law). Students in grades 1-11 are screened during the spring, notified of placement during the summer, and begin services the following school year. Transfer students and students who have scores slightly lower than the identification standard qualify for a one-year Talent Pool. These students are served in the G/T Program and are rescreened at the end of the year to determine continued placement.

Program Services


G/T students in grades 1-6 are cluster-grouped into a trained teacher's classroom. When a grade level is departmentalized, students are cluster grouped according to area of giftedness. Kindergarten students are served through a pull-out program beginning in March.

G/T teachers use a variety of techniques to differentiate instruction for the gifted students, such as tiered assignments, curriculum compacting, and higher level questioning. G/T teachers also teach a G/T curriculum, incorporating into district curriculum lessons which have been written to integrate depth and complexity.

Beginning at first grade, G/T students also participate in a pull-out program in the Challenge Lab where they learn the research process and problem solving skills while exploring topics such as inventions and programming. The Challenge Lab instruction is based on the Texas Performance Standards Project curriculum. In addition, G/T students may participate in DestiNation Imagination (DI), UIL/other competitions, a strings program, and a variety of campus-based enrichment activities.


At the middle school and high school levels, G/T students are served through the Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered in the four core areas: math, science, social studies, and English. High school students may also elect to participate in an Independent Study Mentorship class their senior year.

Teachers differentiate curriculum for G/T students using similar strategies as those at the elementary level: tiered assignments, curriculum compacting, higher level questioning, etc. Secondary students may elect to participate in a variety of other advanced classes; competitions such as, DI, UIL, Academic Decathlon and Mock Trial; and a variety of activities/clubs/organizations according to their talents and interest.

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